Tuesday, 3 September 2013

The Great Dwarven Experiment 3: Why? Just why?

Hi all, I've finally recovered enough to talk about this so here goes.

I'll be honest, I did consider setting them on fire, but then remembered I'm not an AFL player...

Following my in-depth experimentation with Dwarfs (It really was pretty kinky), I'm back with some results that probably won't astound any of you!

Shockingly, I lost all 4 of my games at Metalcon. I wasn't really helped by the entire of Lustria emptying out for the day but such is life. I did honestly feel I had chances to get points in every game, and but for a Snake Eyes charge roll, could have actually won one of them so maybe with a better draw, where people actually had to run at me I might have done alright.

Game 1: Mouse with Beasts led by Flying Doombull

This is the game I could have won as Mouse actually had to come at me to get points.

With some amazing bait and flee tactics and me cunningly dragging in some Harpies with the Rune of Challenge into the Doombull/Longbeard combat, I managed to break the Doombull with a Trollslayer Flank charge, (though Mr D6W Daemonslayer found out that he has nothing on a Doombull!). Sadly though a Mino Block minced the Longbeards and some Warriors behind them and after killing the Ghorgon, the Trollslayers with the other Daemonslayer failed their charge (needing to roll a 3...) meaning the BSB and last Mino lived and cost me the game. :-(

Notes: I was hampered all game by failed charges needing 8s-9s and honestly thats really easy to set up as an opponent. God, that extra 1-2" makes a difference (That's what she said).

Game 2: Ben with Lizards led by High Slaan

Just a bad matchup at the best of times, let alone when you're forced to walk into the Skink cloud...

So basically I just sorta watched as Ben ran around me and killed stuff at will. Again I failed some crucial charges, particularly 7+ charges to get the Salamander, but I really just felt like a passenger. The 2 Stegs and Carnosaur Vet merely sat out of range of the Daemon Slayers while the Skinks/Slaan took me apart. Only consolation was Trollslayers managing to catch the Saurus block and dismantling it surprisingly easily. Saurus are still Terribad people!

Note: This game was just a depressing highlight of how uselessly slow Dwarves are and how badly that hinders any chance of forcing the game.

Game 3: Adam with MOAR LIZARDS (sigh...)

So I think this was the most demoralising game of Warhammer I've played in a long time... Adam agrees with me that I totally tactically outplayed him but I still got dismantled, due to a combination of some average dice (not that Adams were any better...) and the effects on actually being able to cast spells on units...

The first "high"light was me drawing out the Carnolord with the Rune of Challenge, charging it with Mr D6 wounds, fluffing my attacks and doing only 2 wounds to the Carnosaur and getting eaten. The one thing hes made to do properly and he fails miserably... There may have almost been tears.

Second "highlight" was holding the Saurus with TrollSlayers, flanking them with full Longbeards and BSB, fluffing my attacks round 1, and then watching helplessly as the Saurus got Wildformed and killed everyone (it should be noted though that Trollslayers find Wildform amusing :-)).

Note: Even if you do things right, you're some fluffed attacks and one magic phase from oblivion...

Game 4: Aaron with (you guessed it!) Lizards (Kill me now...)

Aaron had Tetto Eko and a Slaan, and it was kinda horrible. Pewpewpew... Amusingly though one comet decided, even with rerolls, to wait until I'd dragged a Saurus block under it with Rune of Challenge to come down. Sure it killed half of my army but it was worth it!

The other thing of note, was Mr D6 wounds finally got to kill a monster, doing 13 Wounds to a Stegadon. Hooray, but lets be honest, there was no real reason for that Steg to be in charge range, other than I think Aaron being kind to a poor depressed soul.

Notes: See game 2

Sadly 5 other people colluded against me and decided that even the Wooden Spoon was too good for me and left me in 23rd/28. I'm not sure whether this is a good sign for me, or if those guys should take up knitting as Warhammer is clearly beyond them?

So what have I concluded from all this, you ask? Well...

This picture is merely here to help build some suspense for my shocking revelation

Dwarfs are fail! Just so much fail...  I know the Dwarven Defence League will cry "But you took a shit list, so that's not a good representation!". Well, yes, sure it was a crap list and I didn't expect to win any games at Metalcon, but that's not really my point. The fail I'm talking about here, is the failure to actually do anything in a Warhammer sense. During my four games, only once did I feel like I was actually making the plays and even that failed miserably as I don't even get a magic phase. It honestly feels like a boxing match where my hands are tied behind my back.

So the one major conclusion I come to is:  I just don't get the point? As I see it, if I personally were to take up Dwarfs, there are two ways possible ways to go:

1. I can gunline, giving myself a chance to win and not enjoy myself as I just sit and roll dice and take my opponents toys off, while they consider the best method of suicide, or:
2. I can go combat mode, and also not enjoy myself, while my opponent runs circles around me and takes my toys off.

Neither of these options provides me with any long term enjoyment, so again I ask again, what's the point?

By all that is Ginger and Hairy, Dwarfs need a new book fast!

Thursday, 15 August 2013

The Great Dwarven Experiment 2: WTF is a Flame Cannon?!?

Hey gang, I'm back with more Dwarf bashing goodness!

I'm not entirely sure what this is, but I think I'd pay money to watch it.

Ok no, its not cool to bash Dwarfs, they are people too.... short, fat, usually hairy people who smell bad but still people.

Following on from Part 1, I had asked for a fun random 2000pt list for Metalcon. Greg, the only person I know stupid enough to own a Dwarf army, is apparently known for some outside the box Dwarf armies and well... thats what I got! (Greg wisely didn't give me a gunline, as I'd have thrown his models at walls and him for entertainment)

So without further ado, here it is:

Rune of Flight, Rune of Cleaving, Rune of Might

RAAAR, Angry Naked Dwarf!!!! Now for those who don't know what those runes do, (ie everyone not a Dwarf player...) Rune of Flight, means I can throw his Axe at someone within 12". Might is double S (I think) vs T5 or greater, so thats one S10 hit to any monsters withing 12"! Woot! Won't they be hurting before they eat his face...

2 Runes of Cleaving, Rune of Fire

RAAAR, Second Angry Naked Dwarf!!!!This dude gets +2 S and Flaming Attacks to kill Regen monsters.
I guess the idea here is to tag team them at stuff and hopefully kill it before it kills them both?

Master Rune of Challenge, Master Rune of Swiftness

I assume this is how I get the DaemonSlayers in a position to actually charge monsters that would otherwise laugh hysterically and then fly away to kill other stuff...

BSB, Strolla'z Rune, Rune of Slowness

Strolla'z says, "Raaarr, I'm comin' at ya, bro!" Slowness says, "But don't come at me please, I'm scared!!!" Scizophrenia Dwarf coming at ya!

15 Dwarf Warriors w/ GWs
15 Dwarf Warriors w/ GWs

23 Longbeards w/ HW&S
Full Command

10 Thunderers

MSU Dwarfs ftw! Take your big ass hordes and GET OUT!!!

19 Slayers
Muso, Standard

19 Slayers
Muso, Standard

More Angry Dwarfs!!!! I'm pretty sure I have absolutely no idea what these clowns will do other than die but Hey, they'll look very Ginger while they do it, and that's all that counts, right? Alternatively I have an idea that rhymes with Ronga, noone complains about that anymore, do they?

And last but not least:
Flame Cannon

I'm pretty sure this is a typo, and its actually just a Cannon. "Flame" and the Space Bar being fairly close together on a keyboard and all... However, if this actually correct and not a typo, I'm gonna need all the combined experience of you Dwarf players to tell me how best to use it, thanks. I know you all take two to every tournament so it must be good, right? RIGHT????

Well there you have it, a whole lot of naked, low Initiative Infantry in a game that clearly favours them. I honestly expect I don't even have to show up to take the 20s. Mainly because my Opponents will concede when they see the draw, nothing to do with the list at all... This is about right, fellow Dwarf players?

Look, there's a model to commemorate what will never, ever, ever happen in a game of Warhammer...
But more seriously, I think I have a few ideas for how best to use them, and having to seriously put my brain to work was kinda the idea of using someone else's army for a day so I definitely got that!

If all else fails, there is always Alcohol...

Thursday, 8 August 2013

The Great Dwarven Experiment

Or possibly better titled "How I Killed my own Hobby"

Time will tell...

Why can't all Dwarfs be as entertaining as this cheery little fellow?
Many of you will know I am not the greatest lover of those crude hairy bastards known as Dwarfs. In fact, truth to tell, the list of my least enjoyable games of Warhammer ever is topped predominately by games against Dwarfs. They don't move, they don't cast spells, frankly they don't even do combat very well... All they can do half decent is sit immobile in castle formation and shoot you, and from my point of view that's about as much fun as sticking a knife in your testicles.

Dwarven players are a strange breed. They, much like the Dwarfs they love, stubbornly refuse to admit they are wrong and play them forever. I can't decide whether I should pity them or hate them. They sit in their corners doing nothing but roll dice and watch the other guy take off their models, or they don't and they take off all their own models. I will never understand what they get out of this, but apparently its enough to satisfy hobby needs until the end of time (A true Dwarf player will literally play them until the day they die, most likely due to the other player hitting them with a chair ...)

"But we do other stuff too!" They cry, and hide behind their ambushing lists and Strollaz rune.

Don't believe this. Its merely a Dwarven plot to give themselves excuses while they shoot your toys off. Once a year, the Dwarven High Council forces one of their players to suffer the agony of leaving their deployment zone for a weekend. Once this suffering has been completed, the Dwarf player is allowed to join the Council and taught more advanced ways to ruin their opponents hobby. (Sometimes you may find a Dwarf player that actually enjoys leaving the deployment zone on a regular basis, but these players are outcasts of Dwarven society, shunned and beaten, and not to compared to their brethren.).

Dwarven society casts out their Gingers. At least they got one thing right...
So whats the point of this diatribe, you ask?

Well, with Axemaster coming up, I have been painting furiously in an effort to maybe once, just once, have a fully painted army. In this respect, half my models are scattered across my Painting table, and I'd rather leave them there. I have also been playing High Elves for over a year solid, and would like a short break, variety being the spice of life and all.

So, as many will say, I stupidly asked Greg and Dave if they could lend and write me a list for Metalcon, a one day 2000pt tournament at Hampton in a couple of weeks. I just wanted a bit of fun and something completely different. After briefly entertaining the idea of letting me ruin 4 innocent wargamer's hobbies with an all Elven Wood Elf army (which I'm pretty sure I could make never see combat :-)), they decided to instead ruin four innocent wargamer's hobbies, AND my own...

And so in two weeks I shall be immersing myself into this strange phenomena they call Dwarven culture by pushing standing some Dwarfs at my opponents, while I try not kill myself from boredom.

Can I survive? Can I learn anything other than how to moan about how Cannons aren't so bad?

Lets find out!

List to come soon...

Thursday, 18 July 2013

A Convic Review

I know noone probably cares anymore, what with the excitement of Dragon Mages and whatnot at the ETC, but Convic was run and won on the weekend, with Nick Hoen smashing all before him on the way to the trophy. Daemon Princes are teh broken!!!! (well okay, not really, but good players with good lists is always gonna go well). My congratulations to all who won trophies as they were damn sexy, though giving Wargamers mock Katanas is a risky decision!

The Convic Trophies. Sadly there was no need for Fights to the Death to decide winners...

As for me, I ended up with a solid 26th out of a field of 80. I'm pretty happy considering a few mistakes, my Dragon being on 1 wound at the end of T2 in three games, and a fairly tough draw all round for getting points.

Game 1: David Price, Ogres: It was a fairly standard list. Managed to avoid the Ironblaster for three turns, and had the Gutstar down to two models + characters, all was going well. Then the StarDragon decided that killing Mournfang (you know, what he's designed for...) was much too hard and gapped it,  leaving me wide open.
Result: David took advantage for a big 20-0.

Game 2: Ben Leopold, TKs. Ben was playing Gumby for the day with a TK list he'd been loaned. Dice were not his friend, and I kept rolling 6's to take wounds off all the big gribblies. This let the Dragon eat far more than it should have as I could just finish off units each combat. MVP was the Eagle noble who ran through the back field mowing down archers and eventually got the Heirophant.
Result: Big 20-0 Win to jump back up the table

Game 3: Johannes with Chaos Dwarves. This was a bit of a shit game, both because Johannes (usually a genuinely lovely guy to talk to and play) had just got off the phone with his Ex and wasn't best pleased with life, and that Battle for the Pass is shit against Gunlines at the best of times, let alone when you get told the most broken spell in the world, Flames of Fucking Azgorh has no maximum range! What a fucking brain dead spell that is... I sat back and shot the crap out of some Dwarves (yeah, I pretty much out shot a Dwarven Gunline...), while the Eagle Noble and Phoenix got into the Warmachines, sadly not before Flames and the Hellcannon managed to get the Star Dragon and Lord on top
Result: Soul and Hobby crushing 10 all draw.

Game 4: James Brett, Vamps. Dawn Attack kinda screwed James with everything going on his far left. I ended up with everything on my left too but I can shoot stuff... MVP of the game was my Phoenix getting Screamed to death, but then coming back in the flank of the Terrorghiest (6"s of the death spot, baby!) charging and holding it in place for the Eagle noble to finish it off. Massive threat removed by the awesomeness of Rebirth! I basically then avoided the Black Knight bus and killed as much as I could get to. for the loss of not much at all.
Result: 12-8 Win

Game 5: Roy Diprose, Nurgle Herald Daemons. Pretty much a nightmare to get any points out of at the best of times, and then the Skullcannon did 6 wounds to the Star Dragon T1... After that it turned into a good old fashioned ETC stand off, with just one combat on turn 6. Both of us picking up points where we could at range with spells and artillery. Sadly I have more easy points than Roy did. Just for the record, that was actually one of the more interesting games of the weekend for me, how to pick up pts when its nearly impossible to do so requires alot of problem solving! Its why I love playing Skink clouds
Result: 8-12 loss

Game 6: Ben Wadsworth, Warriors with Gateway spam Lvl 4. I really should have gotten more pts out of this, but I put the Star Dragon on the wrong side of the table to get stuck in protracted combat fast enough and he then took 6 wounds from Gateway T2. This meant I couldn't really kill enough as he went into hiding, and White Lions being rather shit vs Chaos Warriors these days.... We traded points as I killed a Chimera, Giant and the Eagle and Dragon got some Warriors, Ben killed some archers, BTs and Reavers and I scrapped out the small win.
Result: 11-9 Win

So all up 61 Battle Points for the Star Dragon list. I'm getting up there slowly! I'm still far too timid with him when I should generally just barrel up into the enemies face and force the game. I also needed one more decent combat unit to support him and the Eagle Noble, and White Lions and Flamespyres are not decent combat units. We all know that about the Flamespyre, but White Lions for me are just very disappointing these days.

So here's a quick look at the list I took and what I think of the options:

Lord on Star Dragon, Star Lance, Charmed Shield, Golden Crown, OTS

About as good as I think you can do at 2400 pts. I was very happy with him, I just need to be more aggressive with it. Another supporting combat unit would be ideal though.

BSB w/ Reaver Bow, Shield of the Merwyrm

Shield was a waste of points, its just so easy to avoid combat... I used it once in 6 games and then it made no difference but to delay the inevitable. I think either put him on a horse in Helms/DPs or keep him with just the Reaver Bow and sit back in archers

Level 2 Fire, Ring, Scroll

Fire was a great choice, she sat back with the archers and blasted away every game with no fear of death but to her own miscasts. It kinda made the Ring redundant TBH as she was often too far away, but 2d6 S4 at Bound 3 is worth the points to fit in when you need it.

Eagle noble w/ Enchanted Shield, Dawnstone

He was pretty damn awesome! With the Dragon drawing so much attention, he was free to run around the enemy back field almost at will. If there's points, hes here to stay.

2x 14 Archers Standard, Muso

Always useful, so many cheeky wounds done, and having them gives the option to sit back in bad matchups where the Dragon has to hide. I was dubious whether I'd like them over a unit of Helms supporting the Dragon and now I'm very conflicted...

3x 5 Reavers w/Spears, Bows

Beautiful, just beautiful. I never once felt the need to have a Eagle. Having both weapon options was key, as it gave me the options to charge into chaff or sit back and plink off wounds. I'm also not sure why everyone seems to insist on Muso's for them? I guess 18" ld10 makes a difference over 12" ld9 but I can't see why you'd waste an extra 10 pts a unit on them.

18 White Lions w/ FC

Just awful... Frankly a massive waste of points in this list. Couldn't keep up and they struggle enough to kill anything in the current meta with rerolls, now they just die in droves for no return other than a turn or twos respite so I couldn't risk throwing them in with the Dragon even if they were in range... I would rather have anything else for the points. For the Record, I never really felt the lack of Banner of the World Dragon. It might have changed the way I played in the game vs Roy, but I doubt it would've changed the result because they wouldn't have killed anything, just got stuck on Beasts for 3-4 Turns.

Flamespyre Phoenix

Fun and highly entertaining but never worth the 15 pts saved over a Frostie. That one change to the list alone would have gained me at least 10 places overall I think. Just having another supporting combat unit for the StarDragon would have been huge, let alone the way a Frostie synergises with it.

3 Bolt Throwers

I can't see why you'd have less than 4 if you had the points. I was out shooting Gunlines and even if they weren't in top form each game, the way they dragged attention saved my ass in several games. High Elves can and should outshoot most Gunlines if you want them too.

So following all that, the new list would only change the Flamespyre to a Frostheart and the White Lions to Dragon Princes (with or without the BotWD, I'm not sure). Pretty simple really!

The next major tournament however is Axemaster at 2600 pts, and the extra 200 pts changes so much its gonna force a complete list rewrite rather than an adaptation. That list's to come, but needless to say, there will be Dragons...

Laters all!

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Riding the comp train...

Hey gang,

Just a quick one this week in between work, painting and moving flats.

So my list was submitted for Convic a week ago, and I'm pretty happy with it. FATSOW showed me a few things wrong with the initial Star Dragon list and how I was playing it and then Swedish comp came to the party with some ridiculous HE comp imo, so hey I'll take it!

The final list is as follows:

Prince on Star Dragon
Heavy Armour, Charmed Shield, Golden Crown, Star Lance, OTS

BSB, Shield of Merwyrm, Reaver Bow
Level 2 - Fire Magic, Ring of Fury, Scroll
Noble on ASF Eagle, Lance, Dawnstone, Enchanted Shield
14 Archers, Standard, Muso
14 Archers, Standard, Muso
5 Reavers, Bows/Spears
5 Reavers, Bows/Spears
5 Reavers, Bows/Spears

18 White Lions, FC

3 Bolt Throwers
Flame Phoenix

A big old "comp riding" 14 in Swedish comp (at Convic, that's effectively only a 1.5 Point lead in a game against a 9.5 list), and yes, you read that right, there is no Banner of the World Dragon. Shock Horror! To be honest the only way I feel I could really improve it as a Star Dragon list, is a Frostheart over the Flamespyre. Even then it would only drop to a 12.3 or something... Star Dragons are soft and fluffy apparently!

The decision on BotWD was mainly made because of the tightness of points, it was either 15 WLs with it or 18 without and a better equipped Eagle Noble both of which are much better in the >50% of games where the Banner doesn't matter. Honestly though, I could actually take it or leave it based on my games so far. Its broken in some games but so useless in others, and frankly against smart players with Daemons/WoC, it just makes the game a non-event as they can't afford to engage so they just hold off and avoid it. With my current list, they can still come to me allowing me to potentially get behind, or counter attack with the Dragon/Phoenix, rather than forcing them up chasing points and splitting my army apart as a result.

It also means I have no obligation to hide my Level 2 in the unit for miscast protection. 6 dicing with impunity was great fun, but its not wise in the long run when she's stuck in a combat unit wanting to engage. Staying on the Mage, Fire magic over High Magic has been a fantastic decision. Simply put the range is the kicker. Added to the 3 Bolties and the archers I can sit back for 6 turns if I want and still get points. I look forward to hiding the Dragon against an Empire player ftw!

We shall see whether this all holds up after Convic, but I'm quite happy with the list after two games so far.

Right, back to the Painting table!

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Convic and those crazy Swedes

Hey gang, hows it hanging?

So in three weeks, I have my first foray into the world of Swedish comp. A lovely system where you calculate the points of your army twice and every time you fiddle with a unit size you get to recalculate them both again! HOORAY!!!!

I like to dream that the Swedish Warhammer scene has players like this...

It is actually a pretty interesting comp system, which forces some really interesting and tough choices on you as a player, except if you're playing an army which the Swedes don't perceive as great, in which case, go to town, baby!!! (seriously if noone rides the Brettonian Bus to Convic and goes to town with those bad boys, I'll be disappointed...)

Anyway, according to the High Elf draft comp, Phoenixes are stupidly OP, so is the Book of Hoeth, and the Banner of the World Dragon (Oh well, 1/3 right isn't too bad...) but the rest is A-Ok.

With this in mind, and my current obsession with pushing Dragons at people and going "RAAAWWWRR", I have come up with the following:

Prince on Star Dragon
Heavy Armour, Charmed Shield, Golden Crown, Star Lance, OTS

BSB, Shield of Merwyrm, Sword of Might, 

Level 2 - Fire Magic, Ring of Fury, Scroll

Noble on ASF Eagle, Shield, Dragonhelm, Sword of Antiheroes

14 Archers, Standard, Muso
14 Archers, Standard, Muso
5 Reavers, Bows/Spears
5 Reavers, Bows/Spears
5 Reavers, Bows/Spears

15 White Lions w/ Banner of World Dragon

3 Bolt Throwers
Flame Phoenix

This currently gives me a 12.5, mainly due to the self control on the Banner unit (more than 15 models drops me 3 comp pts...)

My main issues are:
  • Not sure if I should just give the BSB a Reaver Bow, but does mean they'll definitely have to sit back.
  • Level 2 with Fire: This ones tricky; After 5 games with High Magic, I just found it lacked range and options. With Fireball I can sit way back and do the exact same thing. Thoughts? Any other lores to consider?
  • White Lions: Again tricky and I found I had three options:
  1. as above? small and only a support unit at best, but with 3 BTs to shoot stuff at range they                     might be big enough once combat starts.
  2. Bigger unit of 21 and take the comp hit, but lose a BT? Drops me to a 10 ish.
  3. Just drop the Banner of the World Dragon entirely and get another 4 Lions and a 14 or so for comp, and ride that comp wave?

Any thoughts are much appreciated.

Oh and before anyone feels like telling me Frosties are better Phoenixes, Flamespyre matches my army scheme better so I'm keeping him. Deal with it!

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

For the Night is Dark and Full of Terrors

Hey all, 

So following several discussions lately on twitter and from reading forums (I don't actually converse on forums as I gave up trying to fight the masses long ago) I thought I'd post a couple of thoughts on Wargamers and trying new things.

First up, Comp. Yes that terrifying creature of the dark that Wargamers both hate and (apparently) cant live without.

As I find myself in a pretty unique position having played Warhammer for a substantial period in three countries plus the ETC over the last few years, I was going to write up a post comparing different comp systems, but I realised something part way through....

Warhammer is fun!!! Whatever the system and whatever the tournament style, you will have fun if you want to, or you will hate it if you don't. I think honestly alot of wargamers prejudge a certain comp system if it differs from what they usually play under and either won't play it or go in wanting it to fail without ever really giving it a chance. I've seen it in every country and its always the same. I've had this issue with NZers vs Aussie judge style comp (yes, this included me), Aussies vs Hard-comp, and everyone vs no-comp. Yet I can count on one hand the number of players who've actually tried it the other way. (I'm ignoring ETC hammer as that's just an abortion of Warhammer, and not really the point of the ETC imo). 

I personally think they all have their own positives and negatives, and for the record certainly none are perfect. All I can say is that rather than sitting there saying you'd never play no comp or whatever system, give it a shot and then make a judgement. Odds are you'll have fun. Shocking, I know!

The second thing I wanted to talk about is my own attempts to change things up and try something new.

When in doubt, always go with a flying offensive
With the release of the new High Elf book I've decided to go full Attack with my army lists. Under the old book I found that I was very much stuck in defence mode. Pewpewpew for two to three turns killing off chaff and then take down one-two main units if possible while avoiding the worst units like Deathstars etc. While effective, I found that I was getting rather bored with it, so I've decided to change things up.

Over the weekend I ran a Dragon, Eagle BSB, double Phoenix list supported by White Lion block. It was fast and aggressive and frankly a joy to play with, however, my results were average at best. I think alot of it was the list and me trying to force Phoenixes into a combat role they aren't meant to fill, but I also found that the push it forward style I was embracing can be prone to error (and beer...), as I kept miss-reading countering units and leaving myself in bad positions while trying to engage. 

The Highlight of this was missing a Terror check from a Stonehorn which my blocking Reavers promptly failed and let the Gutstar rip into the White Lions I'd pushed up to force the game. At the end of the day, the Banner of the World Dragon does not make White Lions a Gutstar equivalent, I still need to be careful with my units, and just because I'm trying to be aggressive doesn't mean I don't need to put as much thought into things.

Also of note, Beasts of Nurgle are fucking horrible, Banner of the World Dragon or no. Seriously its not hard to block up one unit with Furies and Nurglings while the Beasts seriously wreck the rest of the High Elf army (including Star Dragons when you can keep up +3T on them for two straight game turns...)

So thats it from me for now. Get out there, try something new and and do it with a positive attitude. Life will be good!